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Individuals:  men and women of all ages can benefit from counseling.  Everybody experiences problems at some point in life.  Friends and family may want to help but it is impossible for them to be objective enough to help you find solutions. Therapy can provide an objective perspective in a supportive environment. It's important to know that there is no problem too big or too small. Reaching out for assistance with an experienced therapist during life's challenges can help you eliminate life's roadblocks, achieve your goals, and find more fulfillment with yourself and in your relationships. 

Women: Life transitions can present challenges for women from young adulthood through later life. Young women are trying to achieve their own identify, establish meaningful relationships, and often cope with balancing career and a family. In later stages of life, women might be struggling with kids leaving home, and trying to find a new, meaningful purpose in life. Problems may pertain to something within themselves they want to change, or they need help with relationship concerns. Many women feel anxious or depressed when they experience problems in any of these areas.  Therapy can help improve self-confidence, reduce stress and provide a supportive environment to help move through challenges and embrace opportunities in life. Women can benefit from counseling to cope with immediate concerns or as on-going support.

Men: Men of all ages can experience a specific range of problems that can be successfully addressed in counseling. Young men often experience a great deal of pressure in defining a career path, achieving financial security, finding their own identity, and coping with the challenges of successfully navigating intimate relationships. Adult men can continue to experience stress related to career or financial concerns. They can experience additional stress related to the responsibilities of meeting the needs of a family. Later adulthood can bring challenges of adjusting to retirement and creating a new purpose in life. Therapy can give men an objective look at their issues and help them view problems from a different perspective. A woman therapist can offer sensitivity with personal issues and provide unique insight into relationship concerns.

Relationships: Couples of all ages will probably experience some conflict or dissatisfaction in their relationship at some point. Lack of effective communication, loss of intimacy, parenting issues, and stress over finances are some of the issues that typically bring couples to counseling. I will provide a supportive place for both partners to express concerns and will provide useful interventions in an effort to create more mutually satisfying relationships. 

Premarital: Counseling can help couples, before marriage, by assessing their individual values and personal expectations. You, as a couple, can learn to understand and respect differences in temperment and personality styles. Some couples expect to change their partners once they are married but this expectation will most likely result in a failed relationship. Therapy focuses on how you can control your own behavior, not that of your partner. I will encourage you to maintain respect for one another and teach you how to compromise in a new marriage without feeling resentment. I will assist you in establishing mutual goals based on you and your partner's individual hopes in order to create a more satisfying and successful marriage. 

Marital or Intimate Partner: Over time, couples can experience a range of problems, such as communication problems, loss of intimacy and conflicting expectations. As we move through life stages, we tend to identify new paths for ourselves and we move in that direction. This is a natural occurrence for an individual. However, in a partnership, the paths can separate the couple over time. A relationship needs to be nurtured; the couple needs to focus on changing goals and directions in order to keep their relationship strong and mutually satisfying. If the health of a relationship is ignored and put on a back burner, it can be more difficult to salvage. Sometimes, couples focus on their children and lose the intimacy and partnership in their own relationship. Your parenting styles may be so different that it creates additional conflict for you. Once the children leave home, you may look at your relationship and feel emptiness and disappointment. Therapy can help bring you as a couple back together. I will teach you effective communication skills to help you rebuild the closeness that may have been lost. Therapy can also introduce more effective problem-solving skills to improve the quality of the relationship.  Whether you are married or in intimate partnerships, you can benefit tremendously from couples counseling. I have the specific expertise to assist you in creating and maintaining rewarding, positive relationships.

Divorce: Sometimes, the problems facing couples are extreme and without resolution.  You may have moved in completely separate directions over time. Mutual goals have disappeared and every conversation seems full of conflict. Or you may have lost your feelings of love for one another, and feel distant and empty. Respect is gone and you have lost basic good will towards one another. Once children have left home, you may be confronted with a failed relationship that is too difficult to rebuild. Divorce could be the only option you see. As a skilled therapist, I will help you determine if there is no chance to save the relationship. Counseling can assist in the transition and help you separate with the least amount of disruption. In addition, I will help you focus on the needs of the children. Most children actually adjust better in divorce situations than if they are subjected to a home of constant conflict. Changing the focus to the needs of the children often decreases distress and facilitates a smoother adjustment for all.

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