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Aspen View Counseling is specifically designed to assist adults, both individually and as couples.  The challenges and opportunities presented to you throughout 
your life can be overwhelming at times.  Everyday problems can quickly affect your physical and emotional health.  If you are experiencing distress or believe
you are lacking the necessary coping skills needed for life transitions or stressful situations, counseling can be extremely beneficial.
I have expertise in helping you navigate personal self-esteem issues, career challenges, parenting concerns and relationship conflict.  I will help you manage your 
anxiety or depressionand provide you with the tools for effective problem-solving.  As your therapist, I will view your problems through an objective lens, provide 
much needed support, as well as the guidance needed to resolve issues.  You will learn tools and techniques to enable you to solve future concerns on your own. 
I also specialize in relationship counseling for couples.  I utilize marital and premarital assessments to identify specific problem areas and implement solutions to 
address these areas.  Through couples counseling, I will help you improve communication skills and learn effective conflict resolution skills in order to enhance 
your relationship.
In addition, I have been trained as a personal and professional life coach.  This approach is strengths based for individuals confronted with life transitions,
including career change, empty-nest, retirement, or those seeking a healthy work/life balance.  Emphasis will be on strength identification, values clarification,
emotional intelligence, and personality preferences.  Coaching will give you the strategies to determine your next chapter based on your passions and renewed purpose.
My 30 years of clinical experience coupled with life experience can guide you toward happiness and fulfillment.

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